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Quality over Quantity – Clothes that Last

We have been living through insane levels of buying and throwing away, fashion being one of the guiltiest culprits; the more, more, more rhythm has literally started to make us sea sick as global warming causes extreme weather and rising sea levels. Sometimes it feels like we are a generation of profit driven millennials, yet there is no overall profit, in fact only a small minority benefit from mass consumption in the short run.  It is no simple task when looking at the impacts that we as humans and our spending and consumption habits have had on the planet, to wonder how we are going to move forward effectively. Thankfully our conscience is growing in all the right places, thanks...

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Unoa + The Global Sustainability Revolution

At Unoa we are working hard to join forces with the millions of individuals around the planet who are driving the Global Sustainability Revolution. The Global Sustainability Revolution is a term I thought I’d coined myself until I searched it and gladly found other people on completely the same wavelength – got to love the collective consciousness! We have great aims for our brand and we wouldn’t want to look towards personal progress without plans in place to forge a new path in clothes sales and production that allows for a clean and happy conscience from producers to buyers to the individuals who end up wearing these beautifully made pieces. We see the future of fashion with revolutionary eyes, and...

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Our Journey towards Eliminating Plastic Waste

As you may have all heard, we have recently launched a gorgeous new collection of organic leisure and active wear. As an ethical fashion brand, environmental and social responsibility is at the forefront of our ethos and we strive to be as sustainable as possible. We have been increasingly concerned with our use of single-use plastic and the devastating impact consumption of this kind has on our planet. With each individual garment we received from our suppliers previously being wrapped in a plastic bag, we could not help but be shocked and appauled by the amount of waste we were generating, even as a very small brand.  We raised our concerns to our supplier who was very empathetic but stressed...

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Style Guide for Spring 2019

With the scent of spring in the air, we have created an outfit guide to give you some ideas of how to effortlessly style our new collection. With a gorgeous new trendy colour palette, which combines subtle pastel shades of pinks and blues with bright and bold shades of green, our new collection perfectly encapsulates comfortable yet stylish ethical leisure wear. LOOK 1 - STYLISHLY SLOUCHY Our signature Loida and Lexi sweatpants and sweatshirt are the perfect blend of comfort and style. This gorgeous new mix of tea pink and teal is made from 65% organic cotton, making it extra soft - we promise you won't want to take these off! Team these with our classic organic Cassie tank top...

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7 Steps to Self-Love

Loving and looking after ourselves is so important and we should never put it at the bottom of our to-do list. We have made a list of a few things to do to help bring self-care into your life:   Creating a routine– Having a routine is so beneficial to starting your day positively. We all know that your day can be ruined by having a bad morning, so why not start it off right. We read recently that your first morning ritual sets the tone for your day so do whatever makes YOU feel good in the morning. We recommend something active such as Yoga to stimulate your body and mind.      Unplug from your phone– Our daily lives can...

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