4 Reasons Why You Need Unoa in Your Wardrobe

One of the beauties of slow fashion is it’s purpose: the story and meaning behind the production and design of each product. We thought we’d share a few reasons why Unoa clothing should be in your wardrobe!


In comparison to fast fashion, independents and ethical brands can sometimes put people off by their price tag. Unoa clothing matches, and often beats, the cost of many high quality high street and leisure brands. We not only want to increase the awareness and importance for ethical fashion, but do so in a way that is also reasonable for its consumers.

Our Ethics

We want to be as transparent as possible, here are some ways Unoa is a part of the slow-fashion revolution:

Organic: using Organic cotton helps us support sustainable sources and production companies who share our values, making efforts to decrease the contamination of our planet with unnecessary chemicals and pesticides

Less Waste: why would we want to use mass produced packaging if we’re part of the #nowaste movement? Hand wrapping our deliveries in 100% recyclable material is how we work (and like throwing in a Unoa material tote bag too!)

Working Conditions and Equality: if you read our blog post about the Stitch Project, you’ll already know how Unoa supports the education and fair work opportunities of girls in the work place. Our Pakistan based factory practices fair conditions, treatment and payment of its female workers. We always want to actively work towards better conditions and treatment of the communities abroad who help make our gorgeous products possible - when you buy Unoa, you’re also funding equality and empowerment!

Timeless Comfort + Durability

Rowing against the tide of fast changing, disposable trends, our clothes provide that modern yet classic feel. With our lasting, luxurious quality, you’ll find yourself reaching for our pieces time and time again!


To keep ethical clothing its most reusable, we feel that interchangeable seasonal styles are vital. Our pieces are perfect for layering up and down, perfect as stand-alone pieces or twinned in sets. Unoa’s lightweight tops texture and cozy sweaters and leggings helps to keep your options open with the seasons.

Written by Amy Curtis

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