A Cozy Autumn with an Eco Wardrobe

We’re starting to see the leaves change, feel a chill in the air and watch those darker evenings draw in, and we couldn’t be more excited for Autumn! We’ve been enthused by the new season and wanted to give you some affordable eco fashion inspo - lifestyle and clothing, here are a few things we’ve spotted recently!



We discovered and can’t get enough of this gorgeous jacket by Vildnis. Based in the rural heart of Denmark, this company not only contributes towards eco living by using minimal resources and Organic cotton, but encompasses strong Scandinavian style with these beautiful clean lines and earthy tones.



We're loving everything about MUD denim. These boyfriend jeans are perfect for Autumn - keeping covered from the chill, but still relaxed enough to stay cool on those warmer days. The entire up-cycling and rejuvenation process of MUD jeans is incredible, read more about their story and sustainability on their website: https://mudjeans.eu/circular-economy-our-story/


Long Sleeve Tops

Unoa’s very own Febe Long Sleeve T is the perfect staple for your Autumn wardrobe. A flattering stretch fit and available in White, Black and Navy Peony, we thought our White option would be a perfect match for the boyfriend jeans and long-line jacket. Almost entirely Organic cotton and a gorgeous scoop neckline, the Febe is perfect for those chillier days.



Veja Sneakers source from fair trade and work with Organic materials, as well as offering an insane variety of beautifully made vegan shoes. Find them in UK outlet sites or on their official website.


P.S. If you’re around Brighton, you can also drop into the Vegetarian shoe shop in the North Lanes!



After a long Autumnal day outside, isn’t it the best thing to go back home and get cozy in front of the fire? Our Loida Sweatshirt and Lexi Sweatpants are the perfect option for some double-piece coziness! In Grey Melange, Navy Peony + Apricot and Charcoal, match or mix and match with these super soft, Organic Cotton sets.



Fjällräven is a brand that has continuously worked transparently and sustainably to create their undisputed reputation. Organic, recycled and renewable materials and production all contribute to making Fjällräven the standard of excellence that it is - read more about their ethics and conversation projects on their site.



While this Danish lifestyle trend went viral a few years ago, we like to adopt the Hygge way of life in a less aesthetic and trend-driven way, but to make kinder choices for the planet and our consumption, and to also help us be happier too. Dark and rainy winters can often get us down, but by picking up a few of the techniques sworn-by through Hygge, we’re going to try and adopt some mood boosting goodness through these practices!

Candle light, cozy interiors and non-digital pastimes are all considered Hygge, as well as home cooking and spending time with friends and family - and just creating a living environment and atmosphere that makes you feel balanced and centred.


Written by Amy Curtis


all images from links/ sites provided, except Hygge image: https://romireads.com/2018/02/18/the-little-book-of-hygge-by-meik-wiking-review/

info on Hygge: https://www.countryliving.com/life/a41187/what-is-hygge-things-to-know-about-the-danish-lifestyle-trend/


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