A Time to Reflect

Some may say the world has gone mad, but in times like these when the whole world is unsure of the future, unsure of their own future and their loved ones future, an opportunity to reflect on our lives in the present has arisen. 


Being present in your life and not worrying about what has been and what will be in the future is difficult, however it is necessary.  Growing mental health issues show that more people should try to live in the now to stop anxiety, and especially at times like these. We usually look to ones in power of what to do in times of crisis, society as we know it has taught us that. The message so far has been unclear, do not let this bring you down, there is always power within you for you to call upon.


One of the messages we have been given is to self isolate, humans as a species are not specifically designed to be on our own, we are sociable animals. We can look at isolation as taking oneself on a retreat, a time to rekindle your love for yourself and to live in the present. We can use this time to stop from the norm, to do the simple things that our busy lives haven't always let us.

Meditation has so many benefits including, helping to focus our minds and time to rest our bodies. It is scientifically proven that meditation relieves stress, presently people are worried about what is going to happen, so take 10-30 minutes a day to empty your mind of all your woes. If this is a struggle for you try a guided meditation, some can actually promote kindness, which at this time we could all use more of. 

Mindfulness is another great technic to practice, strongly linked to meditation, to help you through feeling alone, and to control the thoughts that enter your mind. A small step that can make a big difference, as worry and negativity is bad for our immune systems. Don’t let the panic settle, take a minute to take in your surrounding and find a nice smell, see something beautiful that you wouldn’t normally notice, can you hear anything calming? Take in the taste in your mouth and feel something soft and comforting. When you zone into all your senses you can take a negative situation and find the smallest positives. 

To find meaning, we can now take time to promote self love and look inwards. We can also re-evaluate the way we have been living. Our fast paced lives are somewhat selfish, taking our planet for granted. Fast fashion, fast food and fast travel were all so detrimental to ourselves and our planet and now with this oppotunity to slow down and stop, we can reset the meaning in our lives. Does consumerism really bring you long term joy? Or would taking time to find the hobbies that light a fire in your soul be more advantageous to your life? 


As we take time to be alone try not to be scared and practice these techniques and pass them onto those who you feel may need support, and spread love and kindness always.


Written by Daisy Culbert


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