Five Habits for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The concept of living an eco-friendly life can be pretty daunting at times - we’re continuously bombarded with how our consumerism and current habits are so toxic to the earth, and it can be difficult to know where to even begin.

Here are a few tips that we have found so helpful for a transition into more mindful living!

1. Re-usable over Disposable

Opting for reusable containers immediately reduces your plastic consumption. Moving from take-away coffee cups and plastic bottles to glass and bamboo alternatives that we can use over without adding to daily waste makes such a difference! Many coffee shops accept your own cups (and some offer a small discount if you use one of their alternatives).

Even when it comes to lunches… perhaps use eco-friendly tupperware instead of sandwich bags, cling-film and silver foil (used glass jars are a brilliant option for this too)!

2. Beauty and Micro-Plastics

Beauty is an immense industry, but there are more sustainable options to choose from with a little research! Once again, independent organic cosmetics and skincare are amazing, but to initially begin with companies that allow product re-fills and that don’t test on animals is a great place to start.

The more recent coverage on micro-plastics has been a great eye-opener to us. From the initial micro-beads in exfoliants to the mass production and popularity of glitter. These tiny plastics are so easily drained and consumed into our oceans, and making decisions to avoid this consumption, or choose vegan products, can help us create a healthier planet.

3. Go Local

Starting your weekly shop or browse locally is one way to get into the habit of supporting small businesses and the economy without mass transit and packaging. Buying from small grocers, charity shops and independent businesses begins a small change in lifestyle for a more aware approach to consumerism.

4. Prepare for the Day

Preparing your food for your day ahead can really help avoid impulse ready-to-eat snacks and meals that are packaged in plastic and other harmful materials. We know however that with the busy lifestyles of today this can’t always be realistic on a daily basis! Recycling every material you can is an immense contribution to help our planet!

5. Compassionate Clothing

It’s sometimes overlooked how there can be harmful materials in clothing too! There are many companies that actively contribute towards the organic cotton trade and sustainability in packaging, and can often be found stocked in local eco boutiques. You can find Unoa in Brighton’s Fair shop on Queens Road, and we’re working on exciting new expansions! In the meantime, enjoy a browse on our website

Written by Amy Curtis


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