Have you noticed the sound of the birds as you wake up? If you walk in the countryside do you see the butterflies taking their first flight of spring? Have you heard the soft hum of the bees as they get to work pollinating flowers, when they show their petals to the world for the first time this year. What a time to be stuck inside for the most part of the day or what a time to find beauty amongst the quiet?

We have focused on how important nature is for us before, and now more than ever it is important to practice gratitude. What have you been noticing that you are grateful for that you may have been too busy to notice in “normal” life?

At Unoa we wanted to share some things that we feel grateful for, and we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Lets share some positive experiences we have been having during this time to help others notice and be grateful for these things as well!

I, Daisy, am grateful for my body. I usually put off exercising but now I look forward to it and I am grateful I have this opportunity to go and use my legs to run and walk. I can practice yoga more often to focus my mind and breath and be in the present and I am grateful for my body allowing me to do this. 

Aamena, our founder is grateful for her home. Her safe haven, with her family there as well. It is a domain she can relax and feel safe in with which she shares the love of her family. Not everyone has this simple place to just be or take shelter during these times. Aamena is grateful for her home and her family she shares it with.

Archie, our social media guru is grateful for his parents health. His mum especially because she works in the nursing industry. He's grateful that he has a home to protect him in times like this, He is grateful for the time he has to invest in more of his hobbies and cooking and He's grateful for the recent good weather even though we can't fully enjoy it at the moment.

We can all take things for granted, but when you slow down and put things into perspective we can be grateful for what usually seem like the most mundane things. 

Showing gratitude for your body and being body positive, we can also be aware of what goes in and to your skin as well. You can show your body how grateful you are by wearing organic cotton and stopping harshness on our skin and for the planet as well. 

As you listen to nature, you are learning in that moment. Take this time to keep expanding your mind, body and soul. We can become better individuals which forms a better collective. So today, please share with us what you are grateful for so we can learn too! Happy Bank Holiday and peace.

Written by Daisy Culbert


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