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Sustainable fashion doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your individual style. In fact, Unoa wants you to cherish and develop your style more. Which is why we’ve established a range of basics that adores everyone.

Basics, what does it actually mean, for us, it means comfortable clothing that can be worn with literally anything. Basically it’s made to suit everyone and build an outfit you can glow in! Having the styles and colour palette we do, also means they can be paired together and layered up, perfect for the colder weather closing in.

We are very lucky to work with some amazing bloggers who give us so much love and inspiration for those days you just can’t decide what to pair your favourite basic with.

Raccoon tail is someone who has been wearing Unoa for a long time, using our core colours to compliment some fantastic floral, sassy stripes or even wonderful watermelon patterns. If you’ve just found that statement skirt for the festive season and struggling to find something to wear with it, we got you with most of our collections coming in black or white, they complement any design you find.







 If your style is a little more uncomplicated, our transitioning colours will walk you through the seasons. However, an absolute favourite at this time of year is our striking teal. Even with a blue/green hue, the teal warms both the eyes and body especially in the Febe long sleeve tee.

Unoa colours are also excellent for colour blocking. We chose complementary tones to put together, but for those more daring, add another splash of colour like bright mama! Having clothes that are plain in colour also helps those who are adapting to a capsule wardrobe, making it effortless to look and feel great sustainably.





Unoa has even got your back on those days where you aren't inspired to get dressed at all. Super comfortable organic cotton tracksuits make even lazing around chic. Wear the Loida and Lexi sweat range together like Iamdionyves or with wear the next thing to hand, on the days where the couch and coffee call you.

Autumn and Winter can be a difficult time to dress warm and still feel fabulous, but organic cotton manages your temperature, keeping you cool in central heating or maintains that toasty temperature in the crisp outside. Wearing Unoa under your dearest dungarees is both sensible and sassy.

These are just a few in-between season inspirations we admire and are grateful to our lovely costumers and bloggers for sharing how they style Unoa. You can do so too with #unoaclothing on Instagram, show us your exquisite extraordinary selves!

Written by Daisy Culbert

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