Natural Awakening SS20

Twenty-Twenty is the year we are shifting into an awakened state, and becoming connected to nature again. The climate crisis is finally getting the headline news it deserves and people all over the world are making more conscious decisions to change the course of nature. As a brand it is our duty to step in line with this conscious state which is why we're making big changes to our new range. But there are a few things we like to keep the same because we know how much you love our collection already.

As usual we are limiting our colour palette so it transfers through the seasons. This is an important part of our collection so that pieces are interchangeable and encourages slow fashion. We have kept the basic colours black, white and grey because what don't they go with? However we've added pops of colour that we know are gonna be the latest trends too. This really is sustainable STYLE.  

So here it is the first look at our lush new colours, which we cannot wait to parade around in. 


Feel the beautiful ocean vibes and clear skies with this blue. We love this colour on all different skin tones which is why it was a must have in our new colour scheme. Watch this space for a brand new product coming out in this too!!

Brick Red

This colour brings warmth to our hearts, as a leisurewear brand we want to get all the cosy comfy feels, which is exactly what this colour does for us, and you! Grab a warm drink and snuggle down in the new brick red colour. 


It was our favourite spice, but now it's our favourite colour (well one of them at least). This will be perfect when the sun has kissed our skin, come summer time, hanging out on our favourite pebble beach in the evenings. Who's to say it won't look fabulous under the classic black Loida to add some spicy to your comfy's too. 


Feel at one with nature in this gorgeous green with warm undertones. Feeling connected to nature is so important for everyone (check out our blog "Nature: good for the soul") so now you can go, get out there in your new sage Unoa leisurewear. 

The title of our new collection is Natural Awakening, hence all the connectedness to the outdoors and being at one with mother nature. So the colours aren't the only changes...

We have rid the whole womenswear of any polyester, meaning no micro plastic pollution anymore.  As you may or may not know we are committed to GOTS cotton, which we know is better for the environment, compared with non-organic cotton.  

Finally, we have increased our size range! Which is probably what we are most excited about. As a small ethical brand, it was difficult to produce large quantities of clothes, but we have now come up with a cunning plan which means we can now stock sizes 0-5, in UK standard sizes 6-18. Being inclusive is so important as we love everybody and want that to show in our garments! 

There are a few more new things coming with the Natural Awakening collection, but we want to leave a few surprises for you when the line drops. 

Natural Awakening COMING SOON!


Written by Daisy Culbert


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