Quality over Quantity – Clothes that Last

We have been living through insane levels of buying and throwing away, fashion being one of the guiltiest culprits; the more, more, more rhythm has literally started to make us sea sick as global warming causes extreme weather and rising sea levels. Sometimes it feels like we are a generation of profit driven millennials, yet there is no overall profit, in fact only a small minority benefit from mass consumption in the short run. 

It is no simple task when looking at the impacts that we as humans and our spending and consumption habits have had on the planet, to wonder how we are going to move forward effectively. Thankfully our conscience is growing in all the right places, thanks to amazing individuals, organisations, influencers and campaigns that are actively promoting sustainability, in turn encouraging more and more of us to move away from the throw away culture of fast fashion and dopamine driven impulse buys at shopping tills, in favour of wiser and more long-sighted spending.

Slow-fashion is picking up at a slow and steady momentum, which is exactly what is needed to go the distance and guarantee it isn’t just a fad but a trend that is here to stay. However, there is still so much scope for improvement to revolutionise the fashion industry.


At Unoa we are so proud to be in close connection with the people who make our well stitched garments. We constantly demand the best quality from our manufacturer with a higher cost price in return for dignified pay, gratitude and respect for the workers who make our clothing. We are working on being as transparent as possible and sharing more from our supply chain so our customers can gain more of an insight into these important relationships. As individuals working for Unoa we value the good quality, organically sourced clothing that we and others like us, are supplying and know that each piece is designed and made to last. We pride ourselves on the fabric we use and know personally how good it feels to wear.

Clothes that are ethically made like the ones we sell are designed to be long lasting and warrant a higher price. We want to encourage a culture of taking care of our garments, washing them according to the care label and repairing them if they need a little mend! Taking care of what we own is an important factor in changing the relationship we have with our consumption habits and in turn creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.


If like us, you have been guilty of letting your wardrobe get to bursting point, it’s time to readdress priorities and look at the correlation between a clear space and a clear mind. The importance of de-cluttering is increasingly well known, thanks to characters such as Marie Kondo who recommends asking yourself if it sparks joy in your life to know if you should keep it. We’d go one step further and say ask yourself that before you buy something, thinking about the supply chain and what that item of clothing represents.


As a business we look at growth because there will always be a demand for clothes as they do naturally wear out, but this growth is expected to be in line with growing conscious attitudes, that’s wanting a more sustainable clothing production line. We are hoping to bring people from their throw away culture in to a new mindset where the investment in one piece from Unoa is not just investing in the clothing, but the ethos behind our brand and therefore helps to drive this shift in consciousness that is so desperately needed.

Every item of clothing should be a mini investment, and something that you’re proud to own. As a brand we truly believe in celebrating and championing diversity and we only use models with positive and assertive body language. This is something we are proud of and happy to endorse in other brands we see. Similarly, we need well thought through purchases and buying habits, supporting more of what we want to see from brands we support. Every time you spend money, after all, you make a vote on what you want more of.

We don’t want to see poorly paid or unhappy factory workers or cotton farmers, so we make sure they are working in worthy conditions and receiving adequate pay. We don’t want to see plastic killing wildlife, so we are researching recycled polyester as a possible new fabric. We want to see an end to the dumping of plastic in our water supply, so we network with people involved in these movements, put pressure on and support causes financially. We want to be part of the change so we are continuously communicating with like-minded people, inspiring and drawing inspiration from others.

We are aware here that it is a collective effort to change society’s relationship with how we purchase and dispose of our belongings. All our actions and attitudes count. Desire for complete circular fashion and recycling is growing and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of the wave. 


Quality over quantity is an important mantra for all millennials and something we are adamant we want to continue to promote, even being in the fashion retail industry, we are the change.



Written by Katherine Brewster




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