Revolt and Rebel

It can be very overwhelming hearing all the doom and gloom of environmental issues we are facing today. The number one issue that the whole of humanity is facing is climate change, people can feel helpless but that is about to change.

There has been so much scientific research into climate change over the past 2 decades but now we need to fight. The fashion industry is up there, with fossil fuels as a main polluter in the consuming world we live in. Which is why Unoa only uses organic cotton to stop the use of harmful pesticides causing global damage.

You may have seen our latest collaboration pieces with the Social Society. A range of upcycled slogan ts with the message “the Revolution is Beautiful”. This message is really important to us, we are going against norms, creating timeless pieces to revolt against the fast fashion industry. But this isn’t the only revolution going on.

There is an amazing group of people revolting and rebelling for action on climate change.


This group of people are coming together to make things happen for the planet. Earlier this year Extinction Rebellion organised protests across the UK, and in July they stopped traffic in five cities to take a stand and to get the governments attention.

XR aren’t just working in the UK this is a global action group, with protests happening as far as Australia, this group is causing worldwide disruption for everyones future.

There are arguments of course for and against protesting in this way, however this seems to be something that everyone can get on board with, because lets face it, there is no planet b. So far they have made it to parliament and the UK government declared a climate emergency. But it is still not enough.

You may have heard of the terminology overshoot day, this is the date that the earths resources for the year were exhausted. This year it was earlier than ever, in July, only half way through the year. This is mostly due to the amount of fossil fuel still being used and contributing to carbon emissions.  You can work out your CO2 footprint, and look at ways to lessen this via




During this time, the importance of everyones decisions can help save the planet. When a group like this comes along and you can see progress. That sense of helplessness is lifted, because the power is in the people, the power is in our hands.


Written by Daisy Culbert


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