7 Steps to Self-Love

Loving and looking after ourselves is so important and we should never put it at the bottom of our to-do list. We have made a list of a few things to do to help bring self-care into your life:


  • Creating a routine– Having a routine is so beneficial to starting your day positively. We all know that your day can be ruined by having a bad morning, so why not start it off right. We read recently that your first morning ritual sets the tone for your day so do whatever makes YOU feel good in the morning. We recommend something active such as Yoga to stimulate your body and mind. 



  • Unplug from your phone– Our daily lives can sometimes just get too much, and we can become overloaded with stress and bombarded with information on social media – yet our phones are our first reach when looking for distractions. Spending time outdoors or with our loved ones is the healthiest escape so put the phone down and take some hours out of your day to focus on yourself, your relationships and nature! 


  • Do a mini de-clutter– We are all guilty of storing things in our wardrobe we haven't worn for years! Recycling a few items every now and then helps make space in your wardrobe as well as your mind by having less clutter around your personal space. What's so important to remember with this one is keeping waste down and the importance of buying less but choosing well made products that you love and will last you a long time. 

  • Go for a run/walk– This can be a small physical change to your daily life but have huge benefits on your wellbeing. We absolutely love getting some fresh air and find this is also the best time to have an uninterrupted think and reflect on your day!


  • Reading–  This is something we really we wish we did more of! Reading before bed in particular can be so relaxing and helps you disconnect for a little while. Swapping Netflix for a book before bedtime can be your new best habit for 2019!  


  • Getting a good nights sleep – There’s nothing worse than forever feeling tired. We can get ourselves stuck in the loop of never catching up on our sleep and working excessively. Have an early night one Sunday and let your body recover - you'll be amazed at the difference this makes to your week! 


  • Do something different – This can be as simple as changing the route you take to work or where you do your weekly grocery shop, but the change of scenery will be refreshing. You could even be bold and change the way you make decisions, maybe go with your heart and do something out of the ordinary.

We hope this gives you some tips to help improve your wellbeing but is also a reminder to love and take care of yourself - especially with how hectic and busy our lives can be, it's easy to forget that you come first! 

Will you be adding new self-care habits to your routine this year?


Written By Ravannah Liddar


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