Sustainable Gift Guide

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” it really is, it’s also the most wasteful time of year. So here to help you stop buying those gifts that just get left in a pile, we present to you the sustainable gift guide. Here are some of the brands we love and that we know your loved ones will adore. 

For the casual one. Basics that last and last because they need to, the amount you will want to wear these super soft sustainable pieces. With a full womens range and an updated menswear collection at Unoa there is choice for everyone! For this time of year we recommend the tracksuit sets (Loida and Lexi or Evando and Evodio) to get cosy in, on these winter evenings. 

Of course we recommend our own clothing because we know how great it is! With ethical manufacturing, organic cotton which doesn’t cost the earth, and prices to match you can give pretty sweet presents this year starting with Unoa

For the sensual one. Brighton Lace lingerie knows how to do sexy, knows how to do cute and especially knows how to do comfy. Make that special person feel, well, special with a limited edition set. They are made ethically here in the UK, from sustainable materials so you can feel beautiful in the clothes, and inside knowing that you supported sustainability. 

Even if you don’t want to buy lingerie they do heartening hand warmers which are upcycled from cashmere, just what you need in the late winter. Or if clothing isn’t what you fancy, check out their beautiful botanical range, with candles, face masks and even a perfume on offer!

For the more- practical one. Sometimes a little step like a reusable water bottle, or washable make up rounds, or even a safety razor, is a step in the right direction to encourage more people to think about their lifestyle choices. Wastenot shop is a treasure trove of plastic free goodness. 

The road to becoming zero waste can seem long and winding but don’t go off the track because after all its not always about the destination but what you learn along the way. It’s ok to take small steps to reducing your waste and this shop can help you do just that, pathe a way for someone this Christmas to join the journey to plastic freedom.  

For the "extra" one. Wow these earrings are a dream. Made from off cuts of leather that would usually just go in the bin, and turned into the most beautiful designs. All handcrafted, each piece is a work of art. Style them as the statement piece to a plain outfit or mix and match all your eccentric pieces up! 

Elufee is a french artist and hates the wastefullness of the fashion industry just as much as us, which is why we love to support her jewellery business always. 

For the “difficult” one. There is always that one person who seems to have everything, which is why we think that a tree from Treedom is the perfect gift for them (and the planet). This site lets you chose the type of tree to plant, avacado, lemon and banana. Or check our their limited edition “Christmas trees” including baobab, black mangrove and coffee. Once you have chosen which tropical tree to plant your gift will include updates on the tree as a seedling, how much carbon it has the capacity to offset and much more! 

Tropical trees are so important to replant as they store and capture the most carbon. They are also areas that are rich in biodiversity, conserving these environments by planting more trees also means protecting endangered species in these areas and encouraging sustainable farming practices! Whats not to love about this gift that keeps on giving. 

There is so much choice to have a green Christmas, these are just a few options, keep discovering and don’t forget to check out our organic clothing range too (we have a little sale on that will help the Christmas budget as well). So hit the links and shop the gifts and we wish the Merriest of Chritmas’s to one and all!! 


Written By Daisy Culbert 

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