Sustainable Summer Go-To Guide

We strive to make our lives as eco-friendly as we can, the excitement of summer brings about an abundance of nature loving situations, but does your look and what’s in your bag live up to your eco-ethics?

How can we buy everything we need, being kind to our bodies and our environment? We’ve done the research for you…


This natural, eco-friendly suncream is made using 100% reef safe, ocean friendly ingredients, sustainable sugar cane packaging, and still manages to include tan accelerator ingredients, working while other ingredients protect your skin from harmful rays. We love the science behind these new innovations in cosmetics! Nature loving beauty – Yes Please! £14

Get yours here:


Check out the super hot swimwear range from Oysho, affordable and made with recycled materials, they’re a great way to invest in the reuse of production materials in our supply chain… £35.99

Slip this Swimming costume under one of Unoa’s classic T-Shirt outfits to get you leaving the house beach or pool ready.

Our Effie Slouch T’s are becoming a bit of a summer fave’ amongst our fans and customers. Organic Cotton loves your skin and your environment.

Find all our tops here:


Got your Beach Bag?

Just an eco-idea… £42.95                       

Sling these in the bag in sunny preparation: 


Made from sustainable Italian bio-based acetate, Pala gives a pair of spectacles for every pair we sell, with a sustainable case woven from recycled plastic bags and waste, they also manage 100% UV protection! £95


In our Men’s Alec T, strut out in comfortable style in pursuit of a tent which you won’t leave in a field.


Take it home with you, reuse, reuse & reuse… until you can get creative with these amazing recycling ideas:

Or… if you’re low on spare time then donate it via this website:

Our festival of choice: Shambala, Zero Waste, Winner of so many green awards I can’t mention them all…

this one is seriously worth a bit of reading up on and then bringing up in conversation…

And for all you Britonian locals, mark the date – 20th July 2019! We’re attending our first festival:

We'll see you down at the Level, Brighton. 

Sending you all positive summer vibes for a happy, healthy present and future! 


Written by Katherine Brewster

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