The Revolution is Beautiful ft The Social Society

We love a revolution here at Unoa and having our name rooted in the Greek word, Eunoia, meaning Beautiful Thinking, we want this ethical and sustainable revolution that is sweeping the planet, to be a very beautiful one too.

With that said, the title of this blog post and the slogan for our Charity T-Shirts will make perfectly beautiful sense to you. Having spent time in the business and money orientated world, we have all seen horrible quantities of harmful waste in the last few decades, and as things began to hit a monumental crescendo, with landfill sites filled to the brim around the planet, the backlash hit out – organisations everywhere are now fighting hard to prevent useable products from becoming harmful waste and cutting their life cycles short.

Having said that, fashion is important to us and although we make stylistically timeless pieces, which are comfortable and fashionable whatever your age or background, we make new lines every year – what we now know is that it doesn’t mean wasteful behaviour has to follow that. We would not throw away old stock, instead we are choosing to recycle this for mutual benefit. We are investing our time and energy into a not-for-profit Charity T-Shirt Sale.

We have upcycled last season's T-Shirts with the slogan ‘The Revolution is Beautiful’                    


How is this mutually beneficial?

We sell the gorgeous yet low-cost t-shirts to you, at just £20 a tee, 50% of the price goes to our chosen organisation, The Social Society. Run by Toni Finnimore and also based in Brighton,"The Social Society is a community for people that want to give back!"

The Social Society "run unique, collaborative events and community campaigns throughout the year, giving (their) members the opportunity to grow their own social circle and meet new friends whilst supporting the community they reside within. (Their) members pledge their time, skills, expertise and a percentage of their membership fee to support six amazing local charities across Brighton and Hove''

They support a variety of local causes who we love, The Real Junk Food Project, Audio Active and Gig Buddies to name a few. The other 50% that you pay covers our production cost - we don’t make a penny on this sale.

 We all benefit from altruistic action; it makes us feel good to help people in need. We also all feel the wider societal benefits made from investments in projects such as those we’re supporting here. Everyone wins.


We and you are also preventing the T-Shirt from going to waste, wearing what’s already been made for a cheaper price instead of spending more on what’s new. We all agree here that it’s best to balance the new with the old, too much of a good thing is never healthy.

Mental health is such an important topic for all of us in the 21st century, we all know people who have struggled and benefited from organised support networks. It is such a pleasure, therefore, to be able to contribute to the progress being made in our wider community of Brighton and Hove. We care about people and we care about the environment we live in. We want to be healthy and we understand that social responsibility is a big part of keeping us healthy. We have chosen to support a local printing company to get these t-shirts made. We used Performance Print, which is run by Scott, who also owns an independent, family-run gym in Eastbourne… because it’s all about staying connected. 


These t-shirts will be available online and in stores from next month. 

Watch this space!


Written by Katherine Brewster



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