Unoa & Jewellery by Juna - an Ethical Collaboration

This month, Unoa teamed with ethical jewellery brand: Jewellery by Juna, for a collaborative photoshoot in the beautiful Kipling Gardens in East Sussex. We wanted to choose a location as individual as our companies’ morals and efforts for the planet, and these gardens definitely pulled through!

The Kipling Gardens are named for their history connected to the much-loved author, Rudyard Kipling. They were once a part of The Elms - a beautiful home where Kipling lived for a time (in which time he wrote Stalky & Co and a collection of his Just So Stories). This land was later passed through to council run domain: the upkeep and expanse of beautiful, exotic and local plants sets these gardens apart - justifying their award winning name for horticultural excellence.

Jewellery by Juna, run by Raddy, actively works with supplying from recycled gold and silver, sustainable and recycled paper and packaging, and avoiding involvement in fast fashion slavery and working conditions. Raddy’s designs are minimalistic and so beautiful - from gem embossed to singular and intertwined shapes. Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, Jewellery by Juna has so many gorgeous options, and when they’re ethically made, how can we say no?!

Then of course, there’s Unoa! We took a couple of outfits that would fit the design and shape of the jewellery and pop out from the beautiful gardens! If you didn’t know already, Unoa is derived from the Greek word “Eunoia” which means Beautiful Thinking. By resourcing from the best, most ethical manufacturers and suppliers, and keeping our part upstanding with packaging reduction and mindfulness.

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Written by Amy Curtis


Kipling Gadens information:

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