Sustainability + The Stitch Project

Here at Unoa, we are so proud to source 70% of our materials from respected Pakistan knitted garment exporter: Kings Apparel. With education, female employment, management and staff training at the helm, Kings Apparel also massively contributes to the Organic cotton trade by sourcing from numerous independent mills in Pakistan and India.

To help you understand Unoa’s material supplier a little more, we caught up with Kinds Apparel Marketing Director, Umair Memon, to talk about the company’s morals and ethics. Here is an insert from our interview…

Not only does the quality of Organic cotton prove itself in the noticeable softness and texture of our garments, but when you buy Unoa, you help us actively contribute towards the funding of fair and equal work opportunities in the Pakistan and Indian cotton farms and workers, and continue to drive the production of eco-friendly products.

Read more about our endeavours below about Unoa’s first fundraised program: The Stitch Project.

We partnered with Zainab Hamid to raise money to provide each young girl in a Karachi hostel with a sowing machine and equipment (scissors and a manual spinning wheel), giving them the means and tools for vital improvement towards their employment equality and standard of work. Many young girls travel to the hostel for a period of time to learn skills and improve their chances of employment; up until The Stitch Project, hostel headmistress Ms Bajra not only taught reading, writing and English, but also needlecraft to help the girls with this journey.

However, by providing the hostel with 25 machines and equipment, we were able to contribute towards the improvement of standard and speed of equipment. With the money earned from their work, these girls can begin to build their financial independence. We can’t thank you enough for the contributions we received in order to make this project work - see below for some clips and photos from our incredible trip to the Karachi hostel…

Written by Amy Curtis



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