Our Autumn Bucket List

We had a little brainstorm about what we have achieved the last few months since our re-launch - which led us to thinking what we want to achieve for the months ahead. We have you in mind, we have the planet in mind, and we want to continue to grow, to improve, and to keep giving.


Having partaken in a few amazing collaborations recently, we can’t get enough of the energy from other creatives. This week we filmed a super exciting video to be released very soon! Fellow ethical businesses, photographers, videographers… we want to continue making amazing partnerships and meeting inspiring people to drive the progress of slow fashion and eco-living. If you have an idea, or want to chat over some options, please get in touch on Insta DM or email! We want to hear from you.


In August, Unoa helped wth a huge art instillation project run by Irene Soler: A Drop in the Ocean (adropintheocean.org.uk). Over only a few months, Irene and a few volunteers picked up almost 9300 bottle caps from Brighton beach. We were able to contribute towards whole-punching and stringing together these tops to help Irene put together her artwork to display on the seafront. This project is not only vital to raise awareness for the suffocation of our planet by plastic consumption, but also a reminder of how close to home this damage really is. A promise from Unoa is to involve ourselves in more charity work - local or elsewhere, environment or social based, we are going to participate in amazing movements such as A Drop in the Ocean, to continue their growth and impact for positive change.


We are so excited by Unoa’s growth, and we have no intentions of slowing down. With an exciting trip to Berlin booked this January, we promise to continue our international expansion. Worldwide ethical events and exhibitions do nothing less than positively contribute towards the fair conditions for workers and improve the treatment of our planet, and we aim to immerse ourselves in every way we can to continue spreading this positivity, love and goodness.

Unoa’s Pakistani roots drive us to reach international stockists closer to home. Not only will this help us support and partner with other countries and grow the slow fashion industry, but also allow us to offer you more affordable shipping costs worldwide. We want our eco-fashion to be ever more attainable, and wherever you may be, we want to reach you.


Even though we actively contribute to eco-fashion and sustainability, we want to get even better. A couple of our pieces have a small percentage of man-made materials and we want to change this! We’re going to waste less, improve our sustainability and work hard to eliminate non-natural fibres from our production.


Believe it or not, YOU are at the helm of Unoa! What is it that you want to see in action from ethical brands? And what do you want to see from us? Get in touch - we want to give our best to those who support ethical living, and make sure you are happy with the results.

Written by Amy Curtis


bottlecap art: @adropintheocean_brighton

watercolour earth: pinterest.com/pin/410812797250305002/

hanger art: www.fashioninrevolt.com


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