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What Stops us from Shopping Sustainably?

Even though the time to change our habits of consumerism has never been more important, it also seems to have never been so hard. How have we become so addicted to fast, throw-away fashion that is consequently lethal for our environment? We had a think about some possible reasons for this, helping us acknowledge areas we can improve our lifestyle choices. MARKETING Conglomerate companies and high street familiars hold the monopoly of marketing and the media: we see them first, and we think of them first. With budgets to burn on exposure and advertisement, we grow up bombarded with these easy options for lifestyle; leaving independents to grow via word of mouth and reputation without such a plethora of media...

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Social Media and Sustainability

With the rise of importance that social media has concerning professional businesses and audience influence, it has allowed large and small environmental movements to expand their exposure of serious issues and reach supporters easier and more effectively. From Greenpeace and WWF to @surfersagainstsewage and #nowaste, Instagram has seen an incredible response from activists using their online presence to engage with others. This has seen a rise in action taken to make direct changes for the sake of the planet. Using highly popular international events such as Black Friday, sustainable outdoor clothing store Patagonia donated 100% of its profit taken on the day to environmental organisations and charities. Expecting a turnaround of $2million, the company reached over $10million in merchandise sales...

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Our Autumn Bucket List

We had a little brainstorm about what we have achieved the last few months since our re-launch - which led us to thinking what we want to achieve for the months ahead. We have you in mind, we have the planet in mind, and we want to continue to grow, to improve, and to keep giving. CREATIVES Having partaken in a few amazing collaborations recently, we can’t get enough of the energy from other creatives. This week we filmed a super exciting video to be released very soon! Fellow ethical businesses, photographers, videographers… we want to continue making amazing partnerships and meeting inspiring people to drive the progress of slow fashion and eco-living. If you have an idea, or want to...

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A Cozy Autumn with an Eco Wardrobe

We’re starting to see the leaves change, feel a chill in the air and watch those darker evenings draw in, and we couldn’t be more excited for Autumn! We’ve been enthused by the new season and wanted to give you some affordable eco fashion inspo - lifestyle and clothing, here are a few things we’ve spotted recently! Fashion Coats We discovered and can’t get enough of this gorgeous jacket by Vildnis. Based in the rural heart of Denmark, this company not only contributes towards eco living by using minimal resources and Organic cotton, but encompasses strong Scandinavian style with these beautiful clean lines and earthy tones. Denim We're loving everything about MUD denim. These boyfriend jeans are perfect for Autumn...

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Unoa & Jewellery by Juna - an Ethical Collaboration

This month, Unoa teamed with ethical jewellery brand: Jewellery by Juna, for a collaborative photoshoot in the beautiful Kipling Gardens in East Sussex. We wanted to choose a location as individual as our companies’ morals and efforts for the planet, and these gardens definitely pulled through! The Kipling Gardens are named for their history connected to the much-loved author, Rudyard Kipling. They were once a part of The Elms - a beautiful home where Kipling lived for a time (in which time he wrote Stalky & Co and a collection of his Just So Stories). This land was later passed through to council run domain: the upkeep and expanse of beautiful, exotic and local plants sets these gardens apart - justifying...

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