About us

Our Story

The meaning of Unoa is rooted in the Greek word “Eunoia” meaning “beautiful thinking” and embodies our vision; the commitment to produce and consume responsibly, eliminate harmful waste and harmonise with our natural resources. Our founder, Aamena, is a health + fitness enthusiast from the small seaside city of Brighton with one big dream; to create exceedingly soft and versatile organic leisure and active wear at friendly prices for men + women, whilst saving the planet at the same time! Sounds like a big ask? Well we know Rome wasn’t built in a day but by embracing individuality, championing health + wellbeing and caring for our environment, we think it’s a pretty good start!

We specialise in and predominantly source sustainable organic cotton and are very proud of the fact that over 65% of the fabrics used in our collection are organic! We hope to see this number grow as we do and we would love to share our journey with yours.

Our Commitment to Organic Cotton

The vast majority of our stock comes from GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certified suppliers. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. The standard aims to ensure the organic status of textiles from harvesting raw materials to socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing methods. OEKO-TEX® products are completely harmless to health and have been independently and vigorously tested for harmful substances.

Organic cotton makes a cleaner and healthier product that can be softer to touch but it is also good for the planet because it is completely natural, which means it comes from non-genetically modified plants and is grown without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals such as pesticides or fertilisers. Advantages of organic cotton and farming on our ecosystem include: 

  • Eliminates the risk of soil and groundwater contamination
  • Preservation of biodiversity
  • Eradicating residual chemicals present in non-organic cotton that can irritate skin
  • Over 1.5 tons of CO2 is stored in the soil each year per acre that has been organically farmed, which leads to happier plants and happier people.

We actively support farmers who choose to farm organically and are very passionate about our involvement in sustainability and welfare projects. If you would like to work with us or want to find out more about our projects please contact info@unoa.co.uk