Our Story

The meaning of Unoa is rooted in the Greek word “Eunoia” meaning “beautiful thinking” and embodies our vision; the commitment to produce and consume responsibly, eliminate harmful waste and harmonise with our natural resources. Our founder, Aamena, is a health + fitness enthusiast from the small seaside city of Brighton with one big dream; to create exceedingly soft and versatile organic leisure and active wear at friendly prices for men + women, whilst saving the planet at the same time! Sounds like a big ask? Well, we know Rome wasn’t built in a day but by embracing individuality, championing health + wellbeing and caring for our environment, we think it’s a pretty good start!

We specialise in and predominantly source sustainable organic cotton and are very proud of the fact that 95% of the fabrics used in our latest collection are organic. We take immense care to ensure that our supply chain is as transparent as possible and that the workers behind our garments are treated with respect and dignity. 

We hope to become more even more sustainable as we continue to grow and would love to share our slow-fashion journey with yours. 

Our Heritage

Although we are extremely proud to be a British brand based in the beautiful town of Brighton, we are also very close to our roots. Aamena is of Pakistani origin (her mother Naheed and father Hamid, both immigrated to the UK in the early 90s) and so we source all of our organic cotton from Pakistan. Cotton is the prime crop of Pakistan and it is the 4th largest cotton producer in the world. The textile industry in Pakistan employs 38% of the manufacturing labour force and we are determined to support and innovate a more socially and environmentally responsible industry in the country; the mainstay of Pakistan's economy and a major global contributor. 

We work closely with a factory in Pakistan and carry out biannual visits, where we actively witness women who are encouraged to take on fairly paid leadership positions through a female orientated training programme. Supported by the UNDP's (United Nations Development Programme) 'Master Trainer' scheme, aimed at gender promotion, the factory now houses a fully female run and led production floor, where all areas of production from stitching to quality control are implemented. This facilitates and supports our endeavour to create challenging and exciting opportunities for women in developing communities.

We would be more than happy to share more information about the founder and international talent behind Unoa so please get in touch to find out more.


Meet the Team

Aamena Hamid

Founder + Director

Aamena created Unoa about 3 years ago after graduating with a BSc in International Management and working in the fast-fashion industry for a number of years. She was uncomfortable with many of the common practices and soon realised the pressing need to produce and consume sustainably and so Unoa was born. She is a mum to a crazy but wonderful toddler called Layah, who often accompanies her to business meetings and photo-shoots!

Role at Unoa: she wears many hats but particularly loves design, business development and creating epic shoots!

Katherine Brewster

Sustainability Researcher + Events Coordinator

Kat is currently researching sustainability and ethical standards in global and local market places for Unoa, taking into consideration the overall health of the planetary ecosystem and feeling the pressure we are facing as a global civilisation to adapt and evolve to a new level of eco-sustained glory. Kat is a super passionate individual, based near Brighton; she is very well travelled and has a background in teaching English as a foreign language and yoga instructing.

Role at Unoa: researching and blogging, event research, networking.


Daisy Culbert

Copy Writer 


Studying Environmental Conservation sparked a drive to become more sustainable in everyday life, and inspiring others to do so with an Environmental blog. Having amazing experiences with endangered species whilst travelling only made Daisy's want to help with environmental concerns stronger and working with a sustainable fashion brand, promoting this online feels like the perfect fit. 

Role at Unoa: Content and blog creation.