The Revolution is Beautiful

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Company: Unoa Clothing

Contact Name: Aamena Hamid

Release Date: 22 July 2019


 A Brighton based sustainability driven partnership

In a bid to eliminate waste from their production cycle, Unoa, a Brighton based organic fashion brand has teamed up with a local community, The Social Society, that supports Brighton charities, giving old stock a new lease of life for a not for profit sale, funds will help support causes for mental health, food waste diversion and community building.

Ethical clothing brand, Unoa, is riding the slow fashion wave. Our brand, derived from the Greek word for ‘beautiful thinking’, promotes the ideal of less is more and encourages consumers to focus on buying our good quality, versatile garments, less frequently, but making them last longer. The Social Society "run unique, collaborative events and community campaigns throughout the year. Members pledge their time, skills, expertise and a percentage of their membership fee to support local charities across Brighton and Hove''. Unoa’s last year lines are having a makeover and all profit from these upcycled t-shirts will go to The Social Society.

The founder of Unoa comes from a fast fashion background and having worked in fast-paced fashion businesses in the capital, she has seen firsthand fashion’s “dirtiest open secret”; in other words the shocking levels of discarded clothes that in some extreme cases, luxury brands have notoriously burnt in order to promote exclusivity and value. We are determined to make the fashion business work differently. Reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle.

Starting on a small scale, Unoa set out to create exceedingly soft, long lasting and affordable pieces of organic cotton clothing that transcend seasonal trends, whilst promoting gender equality, diversity and body positivity. Diverting highquality, perfectly wearable clothes from environmentally damaging disposal should be top of the list. When only an estimated 1% of our clothing is recycled into new garments, we want to be part of the solution, contributing towards a happier and healthier business model that thrives on eliminating waste through collaboration.

Ethically made and super soft organic cotton tees retailing at just £20, ‘The Revolution is Beautiful’, who wouldn’t want to sport this slogan in support of progress? Visit for more info.